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Commission for Rosenkruex: Interruption by Sogequeen2550
Commission for Rosenkruex: Interruption
But yeah, Penny, Ironwood, a generic soldier, and :iconrosenkruex: 's OC Oren Hollowhart~! Yato23 

and it's Ironwood trying to have a meeting with Oren, but along comes Penny, just full of things to tell Oren instead!
Sanuso Knuckle Kiss by Sogequeen2550
Sanuso Knuckle Kiss
Oh man, it's been way too long since i've drawn these two (and I think that it shows OTL )
but yeah, I gotta draw these two much more often
Toriko OC: Rayon by Sogequeen2550
Toriko OC: Rayon
So I had this idea for a while and just wanted to sketch out this little thing.

But I have a lot of questions about what people do in torikoverse if they're not food hunters? Like, what's it like being a florist, or computer technician

or a seamstress?

So yeah- here's Rayon (named after a type of fabric)

She's 20 years old at the beginning of the series and is training to be a seamstress underneath her grandma. If her outfit looks a little silly, then it's because she puts appearance above functionality. Although this outfit lets her move around well, she'd rather look cute than anything else. In fact, she considers it super important, because who would respect a seamstress who didn't dress her best? It'd be like a bishokuya who ate instant ramen! (or so she thinks). Still, functionwise, her hat is actually a little cushion that she can store her pins in (so she counts that as being 'functional enough')

Still, she doesn't go a lot of dangerous places and her grandma usually has her hunting low level creatures (or creatures that just have high levels because they're hard to find). She's not super strong, but she's fast and she works with a razor sharp tape measure- which she either wraps up ingredients in, or slashes at them with.

Personality: Very eager to prove herself to her gran, but is also very spacey and her attention wanders a lot- especially when doing chores or working around customers. The only thing that she devotes herself to 100% is searching for fabrics/materials. In front of other people she's too forward and honest so she comes off as rude and she's frequently scolded by her Gran (like telling customers 'don't get these stripes- they'll make you look even wider' or 'this color makes you look really pale and sickly') she has 0 tact. Honestly, she's in the seamstress business more for the joy she gets from making great outfits than for the customers' sake, so she and her gran butt heads over it a lot.
A lot.

but yeah- she's a very light hearted girl but she'd rather be alone than in a huge crowd of people.

(also, I used a color palette for her outfit that can be found here… )
So I already did this on tumblr, but I basically wanted to focus on what I liked about my art from 2014, and what i wanted to focus on in 2015. So, here's the quick list

5 things that I like about my art as is:

  • How I do hair: kinda like saving the best thing on your plate for last, I usually color the hair last, and I like seeing what kind of highlights, shadows, and other colors that i can just throw in there
  • I like how many colors I use as well. I like colors that stand out, so i’m happy anytime I get to use a lot of them/really vivid colors. I’m also learning a lot of cool things- like using different colors to make shadows, rather than a darker shade of the base color
  • Ruffles. Man- I grew up reading CLAMP. A love of ruffles is in my blood, and I’m happy to see that I’m getting better and better at making them
  • My anatomy is improving. There’s still some stuff that i gotta work out, but I’m happy with how it is now too
  • My line art. I’ve started to use thinner lines, and I think that it’s turning out good so far

5 things I want to learn next year:

  • Oh man, hands hands hands hands. I’m realizing that I do a lot of closed fists/hidden hands poses, so I want to get better at drawing fingers that look like… well fingers
  • Body diversity in general. I’ve started to move in that direction, but it’s still not good on that front. I also want to avoid same face/body as much as possible- at the same time, I want to draw more varied facial expressions
  • Get more movement in my work. I don’t think that my drawings are stiff, but I’d definitely like them to be more dynamic
  • backgrounds. Oh man- like literally none of these have a background OTL But I want to start putting as much effort into them as I do the foreground
  • Also I want to branch out in what I draw. Most of my work is shippy stuff from only a few fandoms (OP and RWBY mainly) so I want to focus on different emotions and other fandoms since there are so many other series that I’ve read and not done anything for

But anyways- There it is! My goal by next year is to show some progress in those 5 areas [OTGW] Greg Dancing 


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United States
I draw as a hobby and the series you'll see me draw the most is One Piece, but i'm branching out to more fandoms now, so expect more RWBY, Magi, and the like.

I also cosplay, but I can only afford to go to about 1 or 2 cons a year and since I'm not really into cosplay wips, then you won't see much of my cosplays on here. Still! I love seeing what other people can do (cosplay or art wise)!

I have a Tumblr under the username 0blue-bird0, and I'm a lot more... myself on there, so if you'd ever like to chat, then it would be better over there~

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Pheasanttail Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015
Oda: Here, Rebecca, I'd like to introduce you to your end of the stick. It's kinda short
Sogequeen2550 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeeeaaahh- same with Baby 5. Like, I want her to be happy, but with Oda's habit of not letting women fight (or actually be ko'd) it's definitely him just taking her out of the fight without someone actually hitting her. and christ- what's the point of Rebecca even knowing how to fight if Oda won't let her? What's the point of her facing the man who killed her mom and making the declaration that she'd protect the toy soldier if oda's just going to make her burst into tears and just useless in general (I had so much hope for her in the beginning- now I'm just bitter)

but yeah- I also take back everything that I said about Bellamy. You were right. he deserves everything that doflamingo's throwing at him (and now i feel dumb for thinking that there was actually some deep reason for him following doflamingo OTL )
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