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OPOC: Indali by Sogequeen2550
OPOC: Indali
So I realized that I'd gone all this time without making any really self indulgent OCs, so yeah- here's Indali (since I've been wanting to branch out culturally with my work)

but anyways, I actually drew this picture before I came up with a lot of stuff about her, so she looks a lot more confident up here than she normally would XD

But this is also a very rough bio, so I'll clean it up later on~

Name: Indali (which means 'powerful'- her mother gave it to her hoping that she'd grow up to be a strong person)

22 years old (post time skip)

Height: 5"6 and 140lbs 


Occupation: Straw Hat pirate

Indian and born in the New World. Mostly comfortable in Saris but will wear anything

Her mother was a poor woman who died when she was 8, and her father was a rich nobleman. After her mother passed away, she was raised by a woman that she called Auntie until she was 12, when her father brought her into his household. She lived there until the SHs came around

Her mother was a quiet woman, who would often sing for her. She was spacey so Indali looked after herself a lot, but she was kind. She taught her a lot of feminine crafts and how to take care of herself, but Indali can't really remember thinking of her mother as a 'mother' and she regrets that she never truly understood her mother as a person.

Her father was a ruthless man, who brought her up because he had to few legitimate heirs to his name (and he had never married Indali's mom or even shown her much interest outside of a few times so Indali is an illegitimate heir). He ignores her for the most part and he is manipulative but never physically cruel. Although she did learn how to read and write when she was with him, and she often spent a lot of time holed up in his library. To her, his household is a very cold one and she always felt like an outsider. She is afraid of his power and influence over the island, and she feels trapped like some sort of animal in a cage because he won't let her leave (his influence is so strong that she can't even get on a boat without raising flags).

Auntie is the old woman who raised Indy after her mother’s death. She inspired Indy’s love of fairy tales and gave her the desire to leave, even though she never could. Auntie had been something of an adventurous person in her young, but she calmed down considerably with age. With Auntie, Indali didn't have much, but she was happy at least (maybe dead, maybe still alive??)


Good Points- loves to learn/share her own knowledge, is very 'go with the flow' and will often follow others (which can be good or bad). She has a vivid imagination and is very romantic at heart (she’s in love with adventure and with the idea of love itself). When she decides to trust people, she's loyal to the point of stupidity.

Flaws- very unsure of herself and prone to feeling unwanted (which makes her very withdrawn). When she gets excited she talks too much and she doesn’t stand up for herself enough. She’ll let anybody talk her down. She also gets intimidated easily.

Dream: Collect as many stories from around the world as possible. She wants to see the world for herself, and learn the type of stories that can’t be found in books.


She uses a Khanda Sword and Chakram- both which she picked up from her father’s guard. She wears the Chakrams on her arms and keeps more of them in her bag. The Khanda sword is just strapped to her back.  

She doesn’t know any Haki, but if she did, then she’d use Color of Observations. Physically she’s somewhere near Franky’s level, but she’s not very versatile with her fighting style, and it’s easy to catch her off guard. Still she’s very earnest and sometimes goes to Luffy or Zoro for help (although the help that she gets is questionable at best) She’s only slightly better as a tactician, but her forte is at long range with her Chakrams (although she tries to avoid actually hitting people with them and would rather aim for their weapons)

Interactions with the crew:

Luffy- He likes her stories and she likes how free spirited he is. Even though she’s older, she thinks of him as an older brother and listens to him like Chopper and Usopp do. Her habit of ‘going with the flow’ gets her into trouble when she’s around him because she’ll follow his lead and do really dumb things. Still, he occasionally does teach her good things (like how to fish). Refers to him as Captain or Boss and he calls her Indy.

Zoro- Looks up to him as well, but is actually a little afraid of him too (maybe she saw his bloodthirsty side a little too quickly?) Still, she looks up to him. He thinks that she’s a little mousy, so he’s a little more careful around her, but not much. She calls him Zoro-san or Swordsman-san, while he calls her Indali.

Nami- Nami likes her because she can order her around without Indali complaining, and Indali actually likes chores. Indali thinks that Nami’s intimidating too, but warms up to her a lot faster than Zoro. Indali ends up following Nami around a lot. She calls Nami Nami-san and Nami calls her Indy

Usopp- Probably the person that she’s closest to in the crew. When they’re not trading stories, they’re fishing or having shooting contests. She’s also one of the few that he trusts to take care of his garden. She’s less of a scaredy cat than him, and is more willing to go into dangerous situations (where he then becomes the voice of reason). She calls him Usopp and he calls her Indy.

Sanji- She’s unused to anybody fawning over her so she’s a bit put off by him, but she likes him anyways. He looks at her the same way that he looks at Nami or Robin, but thinks that her shyness makes her cute as well. Her being around means that he can cook new dishes though, because she has a higher tolerance for spicier food. Sanji calls her Indy-swan and Indali calls him Sanji-san.

Chopper- She thinks that he’s super cute, and is always caught off guard by how smart he actually is (to his annoyance). Still, she’s a good patient and he at least doesn’t have to worry about her running away from shots or ripping her stitches. She calls him Chopper-chan, and he calls her Indy

Robin- She likes Robin’s book collection a lot, and likes reading with the older woman. She likes hearing her talk about history too. More often than not, they’re quiet around each other, but it’s a comfortable type of silence. Robin calls her Indali and Indali calls her Robin-san or sometimes just Robin.

Franky- She likes his flashiness and oddness a lot and she ends up being pretty loud when he’s around her. Franky thinks that she needs to loosen up a little, but likes her nonetheless. He calls her Indy-sis, and she calls him Franky-bro.

Brook- She loves his music, and even teaches him a few of the folk songs that she knew. She’s a little guillibale so she actually showed him her underwear the first few times that he asked (until Nami told her that No she really didn’t have to). She finds his behavior a bit strange, but shes actually not afraid of the fact that he’s a skeleton. It reminds her of something out of a story. He calls her Indy and she calls him Brook-san

Yeah- my computer's not really a gaming computer and since the friend that I usually play with didn't show, I decided to just draw instead. Then I decided that I might as well try and stream too. Either way, stop by if you have the time. I'll just be working on this:
Rwby I May Fall Lineart by Sogequeen2550

the livestream is at


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I draw as a hobby and the series you'll see me draw the most is One Piece.

Hmm- there isn't really much that I can say other than I'm trying to focus on college right now- and hopefully I'll be able to graduate with a major in Information Science.

I have a Tumblr under the username 0Blue-Bird0
And if you want to chat or RP, then my skype is bbird2550

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